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    Ebola – Sierra Leone

    07 Oct 2014 in All

    Shoot the Earth photographers and videographers have been covering the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. If you need to commission a photographer or videographer in the region please contact Katherine Miles at  

    WWF conservation work – Mekong Delta, Cambodia

    29 May 2014 in All

                                  Shoot the Earth Photographer Thomas Christofoletti  joined  WWF in Cambodia to document WWFs  conservation work in the Greater Mekong, Cambodia.  They travelled along the river reporting on the livelihoods of the people who depend on the Mekong river and the environmental threats to the region.  Click the image to read WWFs Amy Langridge blog  about the trip. Please see this link to a blog by WWF about the trip...

    Maternal health in South Sudan

    05 Mar 2014 in All

                                  Maternal Health in South Sudan Shoot the Earth photographer and film maker Eliza and Nicky recently made a film and photo story for IRIN (OCHA’s humanitarian news agency) and the Real Medicine Foundation, at the Juba Training College of Nursing ad Midwifery in Juba Hospital, on the issue of maternal health in South Sudan. South Sudan has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world;...

    Nyani documenting the work of MSF in Mauritania

    13 Jan 2014 in All

                                  Nyani Quarmyne is a Shoot the Earth Photographer and Videographer who travelled to Mauritania in 2013 to document the work of MSF at the M’Berra camp health centre in Mauritania.  Here are a selection of the images……..                                                        ...

    Arwen filming in Liberia

    30 Sep 2013 in All

      Shoot the Earth journalist and Filmmaker Arwen Kidd is based in Liberia  – a wonderfully diverse and ever-surprising country that she is happy to call home.  Since 2005 she has directed, produced, shot and edited more than 30 films. Arwen recentrly finished a number of films for UN Women Liberia;  highlighting the ‘Next Level’ programme showing various projects and work throughout Liberia.          

    Meridith working for Internews in Chad

    24 Apr 2013 in All

    Meridith recently visited Chad and worked on an extensive film/photo project about community radio stations in refugee and IDP camps along the Chad/Sudan border for the NGO Internews ( More information about this project and more examples of her work can be seen on the Shoot the Earth blog at Meridith is a freelance photographer based in Caracas, Venezuela since 2007. She has covered Latin America and the Caribbean for five years, working in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela,...

    Celebrating International Womens Day – Women for Women

    28 Mar 2012 in All

    Shoot the Earth provided a number of photographers around the world for Women for Women to celebrate International Womens Day on March 8th this year. Here are some examples of some of the pictures from the UK, Iraq, South Sudan and Rwanda. Join me on the Bridge – Shabana Khanam, Bianca Jagger, Cherie Blair, Kate Smurthwaite on the Millenium Bridge, London – E. Dalziel Join me on the Bridge – Shabana Khanam, Bianca Jagger, Cherie Blair, Kate Smurthwaite on the...

    Jake Lyell – ChildFund in Sri Lanka

    17 Feb 2012 in All

    Jake recently returned from Sri Lanka where he shot this video for Child Fund International. ChildFund’s Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centers are bringing change across communities in the war-torn nation of Sri Lanka. The organization’s unique approach allows community members to have a vested interest in the work and focuses on proper nutrition for young people.

    Nyani Quarmyne joint winner at Rencontres de Bamako

    17 Nov 2011 in All

    Shoot the Earth photojournalist Nyani Quarmyne based in Ghana has just become joint winner of the European Union prize for the best press/ reportage photography at Rencontres de Bamako. This week his work is being exhibited at Paris Photo. Coastal and riverine erosion are not new phenomena on the Ghana coast. However, the pace of change has accelerated drastically in recent years, sweeping away homes and livelihoods and, according to some experts, foreshadowing the fate of many of West...

    Siegfried Modola in Somalia

    08 Nov 2011 in All

    “Drought spreading across the Horn of Africa and famine in Somalia has triggered an exodus of over 225,000 people from Somalia into neighbouring countries. Years of civil war and violence combined with this new crisis have led to the internal displacement of an additional 1.5 million Somalis in the country. Shoot the Earth photographer Siegfried Modola recently visited Dadaab documenting the crisis from the East and Horn of Africa. A woman with her children prepares for the 75 kilometres relocation...

    Matt Oldfield – Tomini Bay, Indonesia

    21 Sep 2011 in All

    Tomini Bay is one of the largest bays in Indonesia, covering close to 60,000 km2. It is located at the heart of the Coral Triangle region and is home to an extraordinary wealth of species, particularly in the marine environment. In 2008, the region was declared a priority development area by the Indonesian government, with the aim of driving economic growth in the Bay. The government also recognised the need to conserve the rich natural resources of Tomini Bay in...

    Hope Amid the Crisis, Turkana, Kenya – by Jake Lyell

    13 Sep 2011 in All

    Jake Lyell shot the following video for ChildFund and the World Food Programme ChildFund and the UN World Food Program of have joined forces in Kenya’s drought-stricken Turkana Region to bring both emergency aid and long-term food security to the region’s people. The Food For Assets program works to coerce those Turkana living in irrigable areas to learn sustainable farming practices by making the food aid they receive contingent upon their enrollment in the program. It is the hope of...

    Pakistan – One year on from the floods – Water Aid

    04 Aug 2011 in All

    It’s been a year since Pakistan was hit by the worst floods in its history. At least 18 million people were affected, from Swat in the north to Sindh in the south. Across the country there was massive infrastructure damage and individuals struggled simply to find food. Shoot the Earth photographer Asim Hafeez based in Pakistan visited Sindh province and met some of the people still living in the shadow of the disaster for Water Aid. One year on from...

    Congo villagers gripped by LRA terror

    02 Aug 2011 in All

    Simon Rawles directed the following video for Guardian Global Development and Oxfam. Violent attacks and heightened fear of the Lord’s Resistance Army have left people in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo feeling isolated and vulnerable. The LRA is an anti-government guerrilla group formed in Uganda more than 20 years ago, and now active in DRC, as well as South Sudan and Central African Republic.

    Drought in East Africa – ActionAid

    22 Jul 2011 in All

    Siegfried Modola recently documented the lives of people in East Africa who are suffering from the worst drought in years for ActionAid. Please go to our Clients page to see more images or click on this link to read more about ActionAid and their work in East Africa. Siegfried Modola lives in Kenya so if you would like to commission him, please comtact Katherine Miles at Shoot the Earth

    Rose Sjölander launch

    04 Jul 2011 in All

    The Future World Project is a self funded independent project developed by Will Rose and Kajsa Sjölander. As the Future World Project they visited Russia, China, Indonesia and India in 2009 and 2010 collecting stories to develop a long term project on climate change and resources. Included in this first phase body of work are impacts, causes, solutions and resource management told from a human perspective. The project aims to show the impacts of climate change happening now, with the...

    Concern in Mogadishu

    20 Jun 2011 in All

    This year, a severe drought has ravaged the Horn of Africa region, causing widespread loss of livestock and therefore human life. In the rural areas of Somalia, a country ravaged by twenty years of bitter conflict, the resistance of people to withstand these shocks to their livelihood is drastically reduced. Thousands have fled the countryside, having watched their livestock—and loved ones—die. So desperate are they that they have come to Mogadishu, one of the most dangerous cities on Earth, in...

    For our children – Sex Workers – Tanzania

    20 Jun 2011 in All

    Michelle, 22, has been a sex worker for four years. She comes from Tanzania, Arusha. She moved to Nairobi six years ago in search of a better life after her mother died. Her man left when she became pregnant of Isaac, now six and since then has been the sole provider of her boy. She also takes care of her sister’s daughter, Amina, who is nearly three and supports her two brothers who moved from Tanzania and are looking for...

    Olivier Asselin – Maternal and Child Health – Sierra Leone

    13 Jun 2011 in All

    Olivier Asselin has just been selected as one of the Magenta Foundation’s Emerging Photographers for 2011, for some of the work he did last year on maternal and child health in Sierra Leone. Leaving the comfort zone I enter a few photo contests every year, and then completely forget about them. On the rare occasion where I win something, it’s always a nice and completely unexpected surprise. Last week, while on assignment in Western Cote d’Ivoire, I received a message...

    The Polar Bear and the Navy – Greenpeace -Jiri Rezac

    09 Jun 2011 in All

    Last night we had an encounter with a young Polar Bear in the sea ice off the Canadian coast. It was feasting on a seal carcass as we sailed past, closely followed by a Danish Navy patrol ship that has been on our tail since 18 Greenpeace activists boaded the Cairn Energy drill rig Leiv Eiriksson a few days ago. As we moved forwards, the polar bear and the navy ship’s paths aligned, making for some pretty amazing pictures. Just...

    Steve Morgan – Greenpeace anti-oil exploration – Arctic

    03 Jun 2011 in All

    Steve Morgan onboard the Greenpeace campaign vessel MY Esperanza off the coast of Greenland. Steve is currently documenting the environmental organisations campaign against exploration and drilling for oil in the ice strewnwaters of Baffin Bay in the Arctic. Greenpeace campaigners on Sunday 29/5/11 scaled an Arctic oil rig in an attempt to prevent deep water drilling off the coast of Greenland and occupied a small survival pod hanging precariously from the huge Leiv Eiriksson platform for four days before Danish...

    A school without a roof – Liberia – Glenna Gordon

    01 Jun 2011 in All

    A school without a roof is a school without any students. As the United Nations made trip after trip to the border between Liberia and Ivory Coast during post election violence that sent more than 160,000 Ivoirians into neighboring Liberia, there were many unintended consequences. A helicopter pilot for UNMIL, the UN mission in Liberia, hovered over the school in the remote town of Buutuo for just a bit too long. The wind created by the chopper blew the zinc...

    Markel Redondo exhibiting in Valencia

    26 May 2011 in All

    Markel is exhibiting in Valencia as part of the Photon Festival ( which will last until the beginning of June. Markel Redondo is a freelance photographer. He has completed a BA and MA in Photojournalism from the University of Bolton and has won awards in Spain and the UK. His work has been published and exhibited in various international publications and galleries and he has contributed with EPA, Reuters and Greenpeace in China. He is currently working on a commission...

    Living Hope Education Centre, Uganda

    19 May 2011 in All

    Jake Lyell based in Uganda and Tanzania has put together this multimedia project about the Living Hope Education Centre, a primary school in war and disaster-torn northeastern Uganda, is beating the odds. Extreme Hope from Jake Lyell on Vimeo.

    Radiation Monitoring, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, Japan

    18 May 2011 in All

    Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert has just returned from a three week assignment aboard the iconic Greenpeace ship ‘Rainbow Warrior II’ as the ship sailed off the coast of Fukushima, Japan. Greenpeace were undertaking marine research for nuclear radiation contamination of sea water and seaweed, a result of the recent nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, in Japan, which was struck by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11th. Jeremy was on board the ship to document the sampling research for Greenpeace....

    Amazon Rainforest – Ricardo Funari

    11 May 2011 in All

    Ricardo Funari is now represented by Shoot the Earth. He is a Rio de Janeiro based photojournalist and documentary photographer shooting environmental and social issues all over Brazil since 1989. Some of his recent stories have covered: Amazon gold mining, Brazilian ethanol, Contemporary Slavery, Cattle raising in Amazon, drought refugees of Brazilian Sertao. He is also a photo educator and teaches at Imagens do Povo, a photography school addressed to Rio de Janeiro favelas young dwellers, motivating them to photograph...

    Allison Joyce in Bangladesh

    29 Apr 2011 in All

    Allison Joyce is a photojournalist based in Bangladesh.  She is currently working on a project about climate change and how it’s affecting the relationship between people and tigers in the Sundarbans forest.  She will be there for the next month focusing on fishermen, “tiger widows” and the honey hunters, who have one of the most risky jobs in the world. If you would like to either commission her in Bangladesh or  publish her story so far please contact Katherine Miles...

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